Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Poem (working draft)

Spring is Near

You can tell when spring is near:
A lemon drop unfolds on the forsythia,
Just one on a barren branch,
Then another, and another. 

The nascent necks of crocuses and daffodils,
And chives and garlic,
Breach the soil and stretch 
Into the frosty air.

A gazillion grassy weeds,
Rooted in the devil’s clutch,
Flow across the loam like lava.

And tender red-hued leaves of velvet
Slip, unnoticed, onto the rose bush stems
To presage the petals and perfume
Of Paradise and Picasso and Peace.  


  1. Your beautiful poem speaks of this morning feeding the horses.

  2. I love the list of nascent necks, and the gazillion grassy weeds. I hear your wonderful voice here, see that beautiful place and I think of my own garden as well.