Friday, July 9, 2010


Remember "Those lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer?"  Lyrics in the song by the great Nat King Cole?   Well, Charles Tobias who wrote the lyrics could have written: "Those lazy, hazy, crazy, daisy, days of summer."  Have you seen the daisies?  They're everywhere out here in the country.  Our ranch is plastered with them.  Not that they aren't nice to look at.  They are, from a distance.

But a few appeared in my garden.  I thought about keeping them but, I don't know, the stems are scrawny shoots that rise three feet in the air with no leaves to give them body. Daisy?  Daisy?  I'm half crazy.  The silver-dollar-size daisy on top is beautiful: white petals that surround a mustard-colored pincushion.  But the plant just ain't that pretty in a garden.  Not in my garden anyway.  They're out!   In the fields, along the roads, and fences, they're okay, beautiful in fact, but they're not right for my garden.  Sorry Daisy Bell.      

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