Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Garden is Coming, Phase 1

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are six thousand words:

Stump removed

Patio started

Gravel in

Cement is coming FAST

First raised bed

Patio poured and Lavender planted
And my Walla Walla sweets and beets are in.


  1. this made my day...
    Hi Brian!
    Mark N. Lewis here...(FHS '75)...
    I've wanted to be in touch for years, and it was great to see (and hear) you writing and quoting and digging in the dirt.
    Due in good part to my early theater education, I've been a teacher (of all things) for 17 years in a small program at Wheaton College (IL).
    Lots to catch up on; I am very grateful for you, Brian, and for your influence in my life.

  2. Hi Mark, (Mark Norman) Great to hear from you. I've thought of you often over the years. I appreciate you coming to Jefferson to speak to my theatre students. I think you were back to perform in Buried Child that year. What are you teaching? Theatre? I've heard of Wheaton College. Good for you. I hope you receive a notice of this post. I appreciate your comment. Brian

  3. Brian-
    Yep... I'm a theater prof... (if you'd told me i was going to teach acting i would've listened differently to you!). But, in the process of teaching, you tend to think alot about your teachers... and you have often come to mind in my interactions with students; more to say on that sometime. You can check out our little theater program at, if you're interested... It's been a good place to be; an unlikely place.
    As of two days ago, I'm on sabbatical... trying to write a little (just finished a chapter of a book)... but mostly just taking a breath and looking around).
    If I come to Oregon to see my brother, can i come and sit for a few minutes on your newly poured patio? I'd love a chance to see you...
    Mark N.

  4. Hi Mark,

    That's great you're teaching theatre. And how neat for you to be on sabbatical. Writing's great. I did a lot with workshops, classes, and writing groups after I retired from teaching (1998) and really a lot when I retired from the summer program (2007). I love it and still write but I'm doing more gardening than anything else now.

    Your program looks great. Neat website with some great photos. The "Workout" ensemble must be rewarding for you. Congratulations on heading up that program.

    You are sure welcome to come out to the ranch. Come for lunch and we can sit on the patio and catch up on what we've done for the past who knows how many years. I'd love to see you. Just let me know when you're coming.

    Take care and enjoy that sabbatical. Brian

  5. Hi Mark,

    How are you? I went to your FHS reunion last summer. Visited with the other Mark Lewis and several others. Neat time. My e-mail address is I'm redoing my blog and we might not be able to communicate through this post anymore. Hope you get this. Let me know. Happy Holidays.