Garden Tips 2016 - 2018

Tip for Aphids:

The only spray I use is the spray I use to water my marigolds:

December 2018

Time to fertilize your blueberries.  Take one to two handfuls of Ammonium Sulfate (depending on the size of your bush) and scratch in around the base.  Your blueberries should have a layer of fir sawdust around the bottom.  See photo
There are twelve blueberry bushes.  "Very early, Early, Mid Season, Late, and Very Late.

March, 2017

See the video to the right on how to use your mulch and amend your garden soil. 

November 22, 2016

November is the month to plant your garlic.  I planted mine yesterday.  You should plant it within the next week for best harvest. 

Plant your garlic (one clove) in soft soil about 3 - 4 inches deep.

February 2016

Fixed two raised beds.   Put 2 X 6 Cedar boards stained with Linseed oil on top of these two raised bed. Plus I added a board to both ends.  Made these two beds higher. 

The bottom two photos were taken on 11/23/16.  Notice the braces I added when fixing them in February.  Also notice that we still have beets and leeks and parsley.  Pulled the sweet potatoes out on Monday for Thanksgiving dinner. 

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