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All of my readings have been postponed due to the Coronavirus: Bookshop Benicia in Benicia, California, Beach Books in Seaside, Oregon, Paulina Springs Books Sisters, Oregon, and The University of Washington Bookstore in Seattle.   

I will let you know when they are rescheduled

In the meantime I have started my next book.  It's about my garden.  Here's the first page:  

Herein lie the Ingredients -Verbs, nouns, modifiers,clauses, punctuation marks,prepositions, (just a dash) and, of course, photographs, for

                               Ranch Dressing

  and a Few Words of Wisdom                                    from the Sage


To order Prove My Soul, Another Side to the Vietnam War:

Click on one of the three options above: Hellgate, Powell's City of Books, or Amazon


Front and Back Covers for my Memoir, Prove My Soul, Another Side to the Vietnam War. Published by Hellgate Press

I will let you know when my readings are rescheduled.

Bookshop Benicia in Benicia, California,  

Friday, March 13th, 7:00 PM

636 First Street, Benicia, CA


 Beach Books, Seaside, Oregon, postponed until the Fall.               

Wednesday, April 15, 6:30 PM
616 Broadway  503-738-3500

Paulina Springs Books, Sisters, Oregon
Friday, May 8th, 6:30 PM
252 West Hood Ave.

University Bookstore, Seattle, Washington
Wednesday, June 24th, 6:00 pm
4326 University Way (The Ave)

Check out these reviews:


From Charles Barnes, Eric’s brother

For me, the book brought me closer to Eric as I remember him… as if he was there in front of me. Your assessment and the various glimpses of his personality, his mischievous sense of humor and his entertaining guitar playing were, as I remember, as if it were just yesterday and not so long ago.

For all the waste and devastation that the Vietnam conflict brought on to so many, your story helps me immensely in knowing that amidst the tragedy there was a beacon of light and hope for some of those that were so hugely impacted. I felt more at peace in reading your story than I have in a long, long time. Thank you.

Nguyen Van PhĂșc,  After reading his story in  Chapter 19:  “It seems like yesterday.”

From David Smith English, Artistic Director of Clackamas Repertory Theatre:

The book is so fascinating, so well-written, exciting sensuous.  All the sounds, smells and tastes, and I will never think of Hide-and-Seek in the same way again. And when you were leaving and you couldn’t find your passport, I almost got a stomach ache.  Those people just love you.  And the way you put it together, really a great book.  Thanks for doing that Brian.

A Review from Juanita Conlee: 

I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was like a secret peek into the pages of your personal diary.  I liked the easy-read feel, the flipping between decades, your poetic references at the beginning of each chapter, your humor, your humility, your obvious love of the people and the country.

I enjoyed the depth and breadth to which you went to solve that chipped tooth, the fact that you decided not to put B.M. Biggs on your card, the Cerlist fiasco, the Hide and Seek game reference of Prove My Soul and the Buddhist message of past, present and future.

A Review from Charlie Spooner on Amazon.  Charlie is a writer and a Vallejo High School Buddy:


  "Prove My Soul is a great story, well-told. Brian M. Biggs presents a unique perspective of his service in Vietnam and the lasting friendships he formed there. Biggs has a gift for description. He can put you on the ground in Danang amid the dust, heat, and humidity; or at a family dinner savoring the spices, textures, and flavors of Mi Quang. And he does it in elegant prose that makes a writer stop and say, “Damn, I wish I wrote that.”

"There are important lessons in this story. The one that resonates for me is the Buddhist philosophy of living in the moment. As one Vietnamese friend puts it, “…your past is gone and your future is not here yet. You must spend your precious time to live with your wonderful reality.”


A Review from Ron Kotecki, former Marine


Your book allowed me to relate to the change that occurs in long-time relationships.  And how things of importance at one time in life, take a back seat to what is important during the current moment.

You provided another dimension to a very difficult time in life and how good can prevail no matter what the original condition was. 

 A Review from Poet Cathy Cain

"You reveal your own vulnerabilities, confusion, weakness, and frustration honestly, while trying to make people understand your good intentions. That kind of exposure takes courage. How you have been able to balance your expected American male "tough guy" presentation (Ha!) with your gentle side throughout your life is intriguing!  I am still amazed at your memory for details, though you make it clear that you took many notes and photos, but I shouldn't be surprised since I know your ability to quote Shakespeare!

Prove My Soul reveals a principled and moral man. I remain enriched by knowing you!"  


A Review from Bill Britton, Poet, Teacher, and Former Marine:

"Congratulations on the release of your memoir, Prove My Soul.  I found it to be inspiring and insightful.  Indeed, your Vietnam experience is unlike any other I've read and, like yourself, I've continued to consume all literature about that war and that period in our history.  It is clear that you lived the idea of trying "to win the hearts and minds" of the Vietnamese people.  Your efforts as a civic action officer (teacher/builder) and the friendships you’ve made, connected you in a meaningful way with Vietnamese men, women and children.  Friendships that have lasted a lifetime. Your three return visits to Vietnam give substantive testimony to this lifelong investment." 

Blurbs from my Memoir:

In Prove My Soul, Marine Lieutenant Brian M. Biggs takes us to the front lines, not of a shooting war, but of the battle for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people.  The story that Biggs pieces together straddles decades, and it is full of wry humor and unintended consequences.  It is the story of Biggs’ persistent effort to breach the barriers of language and cultural differences, and to understand what really happened inside the fog of war.  Biggs is an honest narrator with a big heart, his prose marches smartly along, and Prove My Soul gives us a remarkable look at a seldom seen side of the Vietnam War.

                                                                                                                                         Stevan Allred, author of The Alehouse at the End of the World


Prove My Soul is a vivid new look at an American veteran's relationship  with Vietnam and the war he was swept up in more than 50 years ago.This is not a tale about mighty global forces clashing in a jungle.  Rather it is the story about one man determined to make sense of it all--a half-baked war, unlikely friendships, and a lifelong enchantment with Vietnam and all its complexities.  Come for the soul-searching and stay for the food.  You can't read this book without wanting to finish it off with a big bowl of noodles!" Wendy Willis


Wendy Willis is a poet and essayist living in Portland, Oregon. Her second book of poems, A Long Late Pledge, won the Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Prize.  Her first book of poems is  Blood Sisters of the Republic, Her latest book is These Are Strange Times My Dear: Field Notes from the Republic.


Writers Night At The Springwater Grange April 20, 2019.  And it was wonderful!  

                                                                         Brian M. Biggs, Tanisha Porath, Stevan Allred, and Joanna Rose

All readers were FANTASTIC!  Stories were SPOT ON!

The theme was "Unintended Consequences." 


 At the Forest Avenue Press Booth - the AWP Conference.  Photo by Laura Stanfill:


Past Readings:

Barnes & Noble in Olympia               

Roundabout Books in Bend 

Alibi Bookshop in Vallejo, California 

Bloomsbury Bookstore in Ashland 

Powell's City of Books in Portland  


















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