Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Welcome to "Ranch Dressing"

On August 25, 2009 we moved to this five-acre paradise and named it "Chestnut Pinto Ranch." We needed to bring our horses (chestnuts and pintos) onto the property before the first snow but there were no stalls, no shelters, no paddocks and no fences.

Watch the videos on this page for various poems and readings.



The above tabs will take you to the following areas:

  • Words, words, words: Writing information plus: my poems, prose, and stories
  • Prose by pros: (Shakespeare, Chekhov, Mark Twain, etc.)
  • Garden Tips:  Some "How To" in the garden with photos
  • Milestones:  Personal milestones
  • Ranch recipes:  My personal recipes for a healthy life.  "You are what  you eat."  






  Please enjoy the various words, images, and voices.


  1. Well, I got here from Suzie's NOTICE and though I barely remember a kid in our class named Brian Biggs I decided to check it out being an avid blogger that I am with several of my own. (I did remember your name!) And I'm glad I came. I'm happy for you in your new "heaven of a home"...and it's a delight to hear your actor's voice reciting poetry...(our nephew Allen just went off to LA to make a living acting in the Bard's plays he hopes)...so I look forward to more of what your write as it paints a morning picture pleasing to my ear and eye!

  2. Thanks Lynn, I was in theatre with Suzie and hung out with Bobby Campo, Jim Eaton, and a few others. I appreciate your comments. Congratulations on your art work with the quilting. Best wishes.

  3. I came here via Lynns' blog and thoroughly enjoyed my visit...the baby mice story made me smile as did knowing your wife saw them again later. I love watching my kittens grow up, too...

  4. Its simply adorable, for sure they are pretty cool.Maybe after I found a Texas Ranches For Sale I can buy a horse.

  5. Hi Mr. Biggs,
    we've awarded you Liebster Blog Award.
    It's here:

    Rhank you for your nice posts :)

  6. Well here it is a year and a half since I commented on this blog post. Interesting that it popped up again. The ranch looks beautiful still, and the photo in the snow is majestic! Hope this finds you well and happy.

    1. Hi Lynn, We're both well thank you. Glad you checked in on the blog. The fence is our big news now. It's about 2000 feet going clear around the five acres. The old fence was what they call hog wire with barbed wire on top - Very bad for horses. The new fence is called "Non-climb." Best wishes to you.

  7. Brian, thanks for popping in at my blog today! SO nice to see you there. And thanks for your compliment about my drawing. Something I have just started doing, but finding it to be quite the passion!
    Happy Gardening!!! You dig and plant and I'll draw them! ;-)

  8. Great! And do keep drawing. I can see your passion.