Saturday, August 14, 2010

For my best friend on August 14th

On this most distant day from the day we celebrate love, I profess my love to you. You are my best friend, the one with whom I share my innermost secrets, the one who makes me laugh, and the one who greets me every morning with a smile, a "Good morning," and a kiss.  I'm excited every time I see you.  Ours is  special friendship that began before we fell in love, shared during our wedding in a high school theatre classroom, and continues as we settle down in the country with horses for you and a garden for me.  I love you for all you are, all you do, and all you give to me.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Scat (no, I don't mean "Get outta here," and I don't mean the cool lyrics that Louie Armstrong made famous when his music dropped to the floor) is covering our ranch.  There is poop from one end of our five acres to the other.  Horse, deer, rabbit, bird, coyote, dog (not ours, we don't have one - yet), cat, and just yesterday I discovered elk!  ELK!  Elk are walking across our property.  We've seen every other animal above, including a baby mountain lion (that apparently didn't poop) but we have not seen the elk.  Only elk poop. Vicki suggested we sleep outside over night up by the forest so we can see him/her in the morning.  I think it's a cow and a calf because of the poop.  So maybe we'll sleep out one night.  Watch aurora borealis and catch a glimpse of the cow elk and her calf.  Nothing could be finer.  Stay tuned to this blog for the latest scoop on poop.