Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Cool story

Sixteen months into living at the ranch and the electric furnace is toast.  It went out two days after the wood stove started smoking up the house. It's December and the wood stove is out of commission, the heater doesn't work, and it's Saturday night.  Pretty cold until the small space heater warmed our kitchen.  Luckily, the temperature outside was in the mid-forties.   

Sunday: The wood stove (an Earth Stove) is now working because I figured out how to use it.  We're warm in all the rooms except the lower level (TV room).  Blankets on for watching the tube.

Tuesday: Now we're listening to heating company salesmen give us their spiel and bids.  One yesterday, one today, two tomorrow.  The electric furnace was 31 years old so it was about time for its demise.  We might also put in a new heat pump.  We'll see what the bids are.  (The bid from yesterday is not fit for day time blogs.)

Wednesday:  We went with a new heater and heat pump from Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning.   Best by far.  Photos to follow after installation on Saturday.  Wood stove still working.

Saturday:  New Electric Furnace and Heat pump going in as we type.  Major, Major, Major, project! Catch-22: You spend the money to put in a new heating/cooling system and you can no longer afford to live in the house. (Notice the word play?)

Monday: Heat pump installed today plus some corrections to Saturday's work and some minor problems with the heat pump.  It didn't work.  Our technician, after much looking and checking and calling the office and checking again, finally found the problem: the fuse, the one that came with the heat pump, supposedly new, didn't work.  The technician changed the fuse and the heat pump works great.  Not all done yet, however.  Thursday the technician and an electrician will come out to do more technician work and electrical work and finally be done with the installation.  (Photos to follow, really!)
Old Heat Pump
New Heat Pump
Friday, Christmas Eve: All in as of yesterday.  A long ordeal but definitely worth it. (Here are the photos)
Old Furnace
New Furnace