Saturday, August 11, 2012

Writer's Night out at the Ranch - 2012

A beautiful August night for writers to gather
Co-Host Jackie

Laura & Mary checking out baby pics

Sherrie (in a great mood)

Vicki (stunning as usual)

Harold and Laura

Joanna (our mentor)


  1. It looks like you had a perfect night out there in the midst of the greenery. The ambiance that the nature has could help you to think straight, relax more, clear your mind, and be inspired. Oh by the way, may I ask: What is the flower that’s colored violet called in the first picture? It looks beautiful!

    Darren Lanphere

  2. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the comment. The flower you're speaking of is a penstemon. This one is violet. I also have a red one in the garden. They're great because they bloom from June through September here in Oregon.

  3. It’s nice to see writers come together in a ranch! It would be hard to picture any place better to inspire thought and writing. Writers are one of the most insightful people, and an environment that stirs the mind and the imagination is certainly a fitting place for such people to meet. Somewhere peaceful and quiet, where some writing can be done – that is the perfect place for a writer. ;]

  4. Thanks for your comment Rodger. We were all given the prompt of "August" to write a poem or paragraph. There were many great poems that day. Mine is below:


    August, the august month Augustus gave us,
    Brings out the sun to warm our face
    And calls for a time to be lazy.
    Enough of a world so crazy
    Just be lazy, like a laid down rake
    Or children who lie on the lawn
    And stare at the sky
    To see nothing.

    Leave the lawn alone, August says.
    Doff your cares and the workaholic ways
    That forced you into this trance.
    Take a chance on happenstance
    Be yourself in a world long gone.
    Lie down on the lawn
    To stare at the sky
    And see nothing.